Yes, it’s true. There are a number of reasons why you might want to consider using a security camera instead of your normal trail cameras.

We’ve made a complete switch to solar powered security cameras but there’s a few things you need to know first.

Most security cameras use too much power to be left out in the wild for more than a day.

Most security cameras require you to have an internet connection.

Our favorite is Reolink Argus 3 solar. Even in our Canadian winters the camera stays powered up.


Say goodbye to endless AA battery replacement in your trail cameras. The solar cameras have their own battery and will charge up with one small solar panel.

You can download the videos from the camera, from quite a distance. You’ll have less cameras going missing if you can pack a small telescoping ladder with you. And with these cameras you can download from a distance so you’re not disturbing the filming area. We’re using a wifi repeater to do download from over 1000 feet away, more on that later.


Photo and video quality will most likely take a hit. Trail cameras are coming out with higher resolutions all the time as are security cameras. Put dollar for dollar the trail cameras are winning. You can get a trail camera for about $80 that will produce sharper photos and video than the $150 solar security camera. The difference for me is worth it to go with the security cameras because it make the captures easier to obtain.

If the battery on the security camera fails over time, it may not be possible to replace it. You might then have to purchase another camera. So far I’ve had these cameras in action for over three years and still haven’t had a battery die on me. You can also use an external 5v battery bank should the internal battery actually fail.

Most security cameras do not come with camo painted on them. It’s quite fun to get moss and bark from your environment and hot glue it to the camera, so for some it’s an advantage if you really want to have camo that matches your local area.

Types of Motion Detection

Always make sure you get a security camera that has PIR motion detection. Many security cameras use digital motion detection which means the camera has to stay powered up. I’ve tried to use one of these cameras on a battery bank that used 4 2500mah 18650 batteries and only lasted a day before cutting off the power. It’s essential that you get a camera that has sleep mode. All of the cameras that come as a solar security camera will have this built in. Otherwise you will need a regular power source.

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