Welcome to Nature VR

A new way to help protect nature and wildlife. Simply by watching amazing virtual reality videos you’ll help to generate money for a great cause.

Our Mission

NatureVR’s sole mission is to film the world in stunning 360 degree VR video. We protect nature with funding from our video efforts. So how do we help? By funding programs such as drone patrol flights, aircraft surveillance, injured wildlife transportation and so much more.

What We Do:
Video editing for wildlife recovery centres.
Drone inspection flights for clean up organizations.
Tech repairs for science equipment.
Building nest sites for endangered wildlife and installing webcams!

What We Will Be Doing:
Purchasing aircraft for anti poaching efforts.
Injured wildlife transportation flights.
Air support for any conservation effort that requires us.


Become a Nature Defender

You can volunteer if you like, but we want to help you in return for your efforts. We have many different ways to thank you. We offer glowing reviews for your business and we’re happy to be a reference. For drone pilots we do offer paid gigs for patrol flights.


Coming soon in 2023, we will be renting aircraft around the world for pilots who want to get some time in the air. We will have patrol flights and injured wildlife transportation missions. As volunteer pilots you will not be paid sadly, but the aircraft and fuel will be ready and waiting for you at the airport! In some cases we will be paying pilots who have a full commercial pilot license.

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